I'm looking for you tumbling through the streets
Your voice in my ear, whispering for weeks
Too much time without kissing your eyes
I'm missing your lips, exactly my size
I'm missing your lips, pressed by my loins
To say it to you I need only some coins

I want flying
Flying to you
I want flying
Flying to you
I want driving
Driving my head
To be lying
Lying in your bed

To much time for boring the oife
I'm cutting nicks in the table by knife
You're lying in your bed
I'm lying in mine
The pantier from you
In my hand smells fine
I'm hunting for thoughts
To have a sweet sleep
You are my dream
I have to sleep
Nobody's there
Where is my share
Todays share of love
Will send by a dove
'cause birds are so fair
Take care of love

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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