Get Down

I lift you up to heaven
No matter where you are
Gonna change, the week days are seven
You're the view to the endless a far
I forget to change my heart toyou
The earth down on my belly

She will get down below

When I'm standing on my own
Hu, I can't change my mind to you
It's time to leave my time with you
Thoughts are forbidden
Don't remind me of anything at all
You're flying through the harvest
I'm sitting by the wall
Who's gonna stay to hide your face?
You're the bird in a wedding cage
It's all over me
Apparently it used to be
I don't make, I don't make it twice will not stay there, if you arrive
Days so long and days are gone
I can't be there, don't get me wrong

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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