Shine Your Voice

There's absolutely nothing
Where it should be my head
It's so much worse
Than being fat
I'm now twenty-five
And not a single word
Out of my mouth
No single word
I did come and leave
But no one turned around
I'm dumb and safeless
In silence bound
Not a single word
Till I was twentyfive
As if they cut of
My tongue with a knife

Shine your voices you have no choice
You have no choice to shine up life
Shine your voice you have no choice
You have no choice to shine up your life

I put my hand
Around my prick
Staring at the breath
Feeling thick
Off to the game
Of two brainstone butterflies
I'd liked to say
Some words, just to myself
Why does nobody
See my lips
As they form a tone
Helpless lips
Mother, you never
Had a delivery
Parents, you've childless
In you humility
The flies come closer
Closer and closer
Slowing down
Down to the place
Flattering down
Down to the place
Where my collar surrounds
A hole...

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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