I woke up at four, late at night,
And the moon in the mirror was shining bright
The whisper of darkness made me feel insecure and
Suddenly you stood beside me again and again
I want to swear get out of my mind
I want to swear get out of my soul
Disappear quickly cause I can't stand you
Nomore, I can't stand stand stand you nomore

Out of my mind and out of my soul
I pushed away the blanked the pillow beside
I washed my face with cold water
And suddenly the voice ...
Suddenly the voice on the radio cried:
Get out of that nightmare! Get out of the dark!
Leave the things behind you
Be strong, tough and hard
Two glasses of whisky. A fag or probably two
The moonlight is switched off
Forget her, forget her for sure

I've got nothing to hide
And no secrets to share
With a knkowledge of wisdom
I jump back to the cause of that nightmare
And who is the angel, the devil, the poor
And what's the bloody reason
To feel so insecure

Close your eyes, get it done,
Smash the mirror, hit this song
I've got, I've got
I've got nothing, I've got nothing

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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