Wedding Day

What has taken to the moon
Please open up the window
What has taken to the moon
Please look if it's time

What has taken to the moon
Please look at my lips
They can't tell you evermore
About moonlight nights

He says hello to her mouth
While the candles are choking
She open her wound to forget
The lined up figures drinking
Insects are creeping over
The endless white covered clover
Father sleeps on his seat
Mother anoints his feet

What is wrong
On this wedding day
What is wrong
Who can ever say
Where's the moon
In this wedding night
Where's the moon
With his blue light

He thinks about the ride
The young bride by his side
About the little white dog
Lying in his blood
Forever rolled out eyes
The pane is full of flies
Look my lips, my dear
They are shivering by fear

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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