Beauty And The Bitch

The liar leaves the message down,
The choir does, not sing
I opened up the window south
The autumn leaves hang still
Why did I see the children play
The yellow jester sing
They hit the ball from door to door,
And realize the spring

The sun incinerates the skin
And no one hears the faction
That the war gets in
The nature law is looking for the sin
He's looking for my woman
He's looking for my woman with a grin
And steals her voice before I pull the string
Can't sing this song without your voices sing
In the order, in the order

Decide - between the beauty and the bitch

I picked up the dreams from the magazine
The way is against and against me
But after all these tears I remember me
Hide, blow up the fears and the danger
But the sun incinerates the skin

Text & Musik: Markus Maria Jansen & Mike Pelzer
© Edition FUEGO

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